Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Alyssa Claire!

It seems like just yesterday when our baby was 6 lbs,7oz. Now she is almost 20 lbs and in a big carseat! Alyssa is a mellow, sweet baby. We enjoy watching her antics, such as ladder climbing, stair climbing, dollhouse climbing (do you see a theme here?)...Definitely a little monkey!

We celebrated on her actual birthday, Friday night (the 19th) by having family over for a party. We served chicken quesadillas (yum) and two types of cake (german chocolate and funfetti). It was a fun night, full of the chatter of so many kids in our house!

This little girl hauled in some cool presents! She got a new carseat and clothes from Grandma Turner; ride on pony, little people, an outfit and new fuzzy blanket from Mom and Dad; a cute corduroy jumper from Grandma Cyndi and Grandpa Mike, a my first purse set from Aunt Kristen's family, and a puppet and stylin' outfit from Aunt Karen and Uncle Adam.

The cake was a hit - she enjoyed every minute of the mess - and went straight to the tub afterward!

I can't believe my baby is already ONE! It goes by so darn fast - feel like I closed my eyes and she grew up!