Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This blog has been interrupted...

This blog has been interrupted because a lot of LIFE has been happening here!

Stay tuned....we have a baptism/blessing, an anniversary, school starting...all sorts of episodes to add.

Also, it doesn't help that the author of this blog is seriously lacking in sleep. Rumor has it that she actually went blank and stuttered at the drive through of Taco Bell today...I know, lame - huh?

More to come...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of a BUSY almost 2 year old...

7 am - Wake up (on the wrong side of the bed) dragging all blankets to the living room - there are 4

7:05 am - flush toilet for no reason, opening bathroom door even though there are childproof knobs that my 5 yr old siblings can't open...what a joke!

7:15 am - Have all blankets stolen by mom to wash

7:30 am - Eat breakfast, spilling most of the sticky cereal down front, under chin, and on the tray

8:00 am - get dressed and ready to leave

8:30 am - get crammed into the stroller with baby sister in the back, have bag full of m&m's thrown at you, go into the school for kindergarten assessment

9:15 am - home from K assessment

9:17 am - strip all clothing off of back, keeps the diaper on just to humor mom, run around the house like a maniac.

9:18 am - flush toilet for no reason

9:18.5 am - flush toilet again - just because

9:19 am - flush it again, just for good measure...

9:25 am - have clothes put back on by mom

9:30 am - put sister's new school socks on, pulled up to knees - and add brother's transformers sneakers to the beautiful ensemble...amazingly, the white bow is still intact in the ponytail...What Not to Wear - watch out!

9:45 am - take off all clothes because mom is nursing the baby and can't stop me.

10:00 am - find sister's shorts in the drawer and try to put them on upside down...

10:05 am - flush toilet

10:15 am - run around the house - after having diaper re-applied to body

10:30 am - beg for root beer - and get it, because mom is so tired she doesn't care anymore

10:45 am - flush toilet

11:00 am - dressed again, and put back in the car for shopping trip - WHOOOPEEEE!

11:30 am - arrive at Target

12:30 pm - get tangled up in seatbelt of Cadillac cart at Target during the process of trying to escape.

12:32 pm - scream "I stuck, I stuck"

12:33 pm - Mom caves and carries me, while pushing Cadillac cart and checking out.

1:00 pm - arrive at Burger King for lunch

1:10 pm - get lunch

1:12 pm - pass lunch to little cousin, who eats most of it - except for the root beer

2:30 pm - arrive home ---- with NO NAP for the day

2:32 pm - go upstairs and drag MORE toys downstairs

2:35 pm - flush toilet

2:45 pm - try to climb in pack and play to get baby wipes

2:46 pm - Mom notices a huge blowout diaper

2:47 pm - Dad changes diaper and starts the bath while I scream the entire time

2:55 pm - Dad puts my pajamas on and retrieves the now clean blankets

3:05 pm - Pajamas are now off

3:30 pm - Find mom's new bottle of shampoo and rub it all over body like lotion

3:35 pm - Get another bath, with new pajamas

3:55 pm - Remove top of nightgown, pulling it down to waist - an improvement over the previous, Lady Godiva type ensemble with only the diaper

4:00 pm - try to scale kitchen counter for drink - fall

4:10 pm - cuddle with dad on couch for about 30 seconds

4:44 pm - run around screaming because of no nap and no lunch

4:55 pm - hit chin on edge of pack and play while trying to climb the side, again

5:04 pm - climb up on kitchen chair behind mom, crying - fall off chair

5:05 pm - climb back up and give mom kiss, while crying, with a snotty nose

6:00 pm - eat dinner - feeling happier

6:30 pm - fall asleep in high chair, put to bed

Sound familiar anyone???