Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clever Little Orphan Kids...

Just came across these pictures and I had to post them...

The weekend before my brothers wedding last month, we were all out at Mom and Dad's property getting ready for the reception. Karen, Kristen and I were working on stringing lights in the trees, and the kids were all running around like heathens! We had just mowed down the garden, as it was an eyesore, and they were playing in the empty space. A while later, we looked over and saw that they were all munching on watermelon. They found a watermelon that was left over, used a garden shovel, and cut it open themselves...each of them had a big hunk of watermelon and they had huge grins - they were so pleased with themselves!

When I went over to get some pictures, I noticed that they had a little tray with some green tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and peppers all lined up. They explained that we didn't have to worry about feeding them dinner (they were hungry, I think - since we were pretty busy and neglecting them!) that they were just going to cut up these raw (bleck) vegetables and that would be fine! I assured them that we were planning on feeding them, so they probably shouldn't eat the dirty, raw veggies!

What funny kiddos we have! In the pictures are my 3 older kids, Zach, Reagan, and Emma and Kristen's two older kids, Blake and Trevor.

And now....the rest of the story...

Clay went to work yesterday and told them about our experience with the intruder in the field this weekend...they are all a bunch of country boys, and educated him on what the neighbor was almost certainly doing.

Apparently, here in Tennessee, people grow their own pot on other people's land - so they don't get into trouble if it is found (what about the poor folks that have it growing on their land, though?).
People grow it right by a fenceline because it can't be seen - it is not out in the open, so it isn't noticeable. In the summer, when there are weeds and greenery on the fence, it blends right in. But, in the winter, the greenery on the fence turns brown, so the marijuana is easily spotted - people go in and cut their stash back, so that it isn't found.

It makes perfect sense, unfortunately...It also explains why our neighbors had a four million watt light installed on the power line right above our yards - he doesn't have to use a flashlight at all, that darn thing is so bright!

Sooooo - welcome to the neighborhood! We live next door to a very industrious entrepreneur! YIKES!

So, I will close this by saying Paul Harvey's infamous words..."And now, you know....the rest of the story!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

The days are passing so quickly...

This year has flown by...I can hardly believe that it is already almost November. My twins will be FIVE next week! Crazy that it has gone so fast...I look at them and they seem so big (yet still so small, since they are tiny)! Zach is almost eight already - he will be baptized next year. How can that be? I remember when he was just a little dude, running around with a medal around his neck in a Wiggles shirt!

My heart has been heavy for a few weeks now...my sister and her family are moving away. They came here 2 1/2 years ago for Chad to finish school, and now they are going back into the real world! At this point, we have no idea where it will be - there are three possibilities, and they are all way too far for us to visit very often...It is sad that our kids won't grow up together - they all adore each other! But, life moves on - that is the way it is...you have to support your family, even if it isn't in your parent's backyard!

I got a lot of things done today (for a Monday) and am waiting to get the paperwork so that I can close a few loans tonight...should be working on something - but I am being lazy and playing with my computer...I heart my computer!

Dinner is in the fridge - along with another copy of dinner in the freezer for another week...So, Clay should be able to handle everything. I also patched the master bathtub today and now we can use it! I have been itching for a nice bubble bath in my garden tub!

Lately, in order to feel productive, I have to write a list...I put EVERYTHING on my list that I have done that day, and need to do. At the end of the day, I look at my list and see what I have accomplished - makes me feel a lot better!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Creepy Prowler

Tonight, while seeing Mom and Dad out the door (they babysat), I noticed a man in a white hoodie skulking around in the field across the street. When I looked his way, he ducked down behind the fence, but he was watching us from his vantage point.

It was extremely creepy. At ten o'clock at night, no one has any business hanging out by themselves in a field with a few cows. We sent Mom and Dad on their way, and got inside. Then, we hustled up to our bonus room and watched. The man came out of the field, and walked along the ditch for a minute - looking each way as he went. He went into the brush that covered the fence and came out with a large black garbage bag. Then he crossed the street and disappeared out of our view.

By this time, I was on the phone with the Sheriff's office, describing the man and his behavior. They sent an officer out - he searched the field with a flashlight for a while and looked around (after talking to us).

The weird thing is, we think it might be our strange neighbor. If it was - it probably scared the heck out of him that we called the police. Any ideas on what he could have been doing in a field with the garbage bag? Clay thinks he might have been collecting cans from the field - but how many cows do you know that drink soda or beer?


Happy Birthday Clay!

Yesterday, Clay celebrated his thirty-fourth birthday...(Shhh, don't let him know that I printed that)! We didn't do much yesterday, but tonight - I took him out. We went with Kristen and Chad (Sis & BIL) and Mom and Dad watched all SEVEN kids!!! (enter the bugeyes smiley)

We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner - that is always a great place to go...Then, we went over to MTSU to see Suessical the Musical. Ooops! They don't take cards there, only cash or check (how archaic is that system, anyway?) We decided to leave and find something else to do...

All the movies were lame, and started at 9:45, so that was out...thought about going to get Chad a new suit, but decided to do something a little different. Sooo, we went bowling. Yes, bowling - haven't done that since we were dating a million years ago.

It was actually quite a bit of fun - we all stink, big time - even Chad, who is usually pretty good at sports-like activities...Our final scores were Chad - 87, Me - 80 (this was a total fluke, I was losing big time until the end), Kristen - 75, and poor Clay - 66.

After bowling, we went to Cracker Barrel and got dessert. All in all, a pretty nice night - without kids. Which doesn't happen very often, so we had to make it count!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The House...Projects that will never end...

We have lived here almost three months and I still have so many projects. Starting out, I was gung ho to paint so that I could hang my pictures. Now, I am starting to hang the darn pictures so that I can get rid of boxes. So tired of living out of boxes! The painting will come, and the pictures will go right back up after I do each room, one by one. Sometimes I bite off a bit more than I can chew. Must be the type A personality that seems to run in my family!

Things that I HAVE done so far:

1. Painted laundry room.
2. Painted walls and ceiling of bonus room - hung blinds, organized bonus room.
3. Hung pictures in master bdrm - the paint in this room is okay right now, it can wait for a while.
4. Hung pictures in kitchen - couldn't stand it anymore, even if it does have to be painted.
5. Almost finished with MY part of organizing the garage - the stuff that actually belongs in the house - Clay's part is the garage stuff. Good luck with that happening anytime soon, right?!!?

Things that are REALLY starting to bug me:

1. The orangey (terracotta, really) color in the hallways - this must go soon...Christmas decorations are really going to clash with this one~
2. The living room - really need to paint this before Christmas, too.
3. Bathroom floors - need to re-do these when I can, I hate the vinyl - it looks dirty no matter how much I scrub.
4. Toy organization and purge - we have too many...my search for the perfect toy has been in vain - there isn't one. Kids were made to drive us crazy, that is just the way it is!
5. Finish my part of the garage - this is going to be done pretty soon - I want the van IN the garage when it is cold.

There are many other "projects" that are going to keep us busy until our kids graduate from medical school (not that that is going to happen, so you get the point). The yard is a totally different ballgame - we basically have no bushes/trees/plants at all. I really like foilage in the yard, so that is a project that we are planning on tackling in the spring. Also hoping to put a fence up.

Enough of the ramblings of a crazy insomniac - I'd better get to bed - morning comes early here!

So, today I flagged down the bus...

Zach is on some medication that helps him to survive his days at school. Okay, let's be honest, it helps the school survive the day with him! This year, I have been so good about getting him his morning meds (and not forgetting).

This morning, I was tired from a night up with Emma (who had an earache), the kids were crazy, and I was trying to get ready to go to Franklin. Of course, Zach doesn't remind me to give him his meds, he could care less. So, I sent him on his way and went on getting ready. 5 minutes after he left, I walked into the kitchen - what do I see? A medicine box on the counter. Enter the mental scream AAARRRRGGGHHH! I didn't have time to go to his school and give him the meds. But, I also knew he wouldn't get far without them. What to do?

It hit me then that his bus comes back by the house on the way back to school. I grabbed his dose and dashed out the door. Standing by the curb, I waited for the bus to come again. When I saw it, I started waving my arms and started to go into the road a bit. (The driver probably thought I was nuts at this point). When she stopped, I said "Are you the bus that picked up my kid this morning?" "Yes." "I forgot his medication, is it okay if I give them to him?" She grinned at me and said it was fine. I dashed up the stairs and boarded the bus. Looking around, no Zach popped up. I had to yell his name (probably his worst nightmare, Mom on the bus!). He came forward and dry swallowed the meds. Whew! Mission accomplished. I saved the school from an unmedicated Zach!

Then, I went on my way and proceeded to barely get Emma to Eagleville School in time for the tardy bell.