Saturday, October 25, 2008

Creepy Prowler

Tonight, while seeing Mom and Dad out the door (they babysat), I noticed a man in a white hoodie skulking around in the field across the street. When I looked his way, he ducked down behind the fence, but he was watching us from his vantage point.

It was extremely creepy. At ten o'clock at night, no one has any business hanging out by themselves in a field with a few cows. We sent Mom and Dad on their way, and got inside. Then, we hustled up to our bonus room and watched. The man came out of the field, and walked along the ditch for a minute - looking each way as he went. He went into the brush that covered the fence and came out with a large black garbage bag. Then he crossed the street and disappeared out of our view.

By this time, I was on the phone with the Sheriff's office, describing the man and his behavior. They sent an officer out - he searched the field with a flashlight for a while and looked around (after talking to us).

The weird thing is, we think it might be our strange neighbor. If it was - it probably scared the heck out of him that we called the police. Any ideas on what he could have been doing in a field with the garbage bag? Clay thinks he might have been collecting cans from the field - but how many cows do you know that drink soda or beer?



Rilla & Derek said...

Hi!! I caught the news of your blog in my Facebook newsfeed. Consider me a regular subscriber! Bookmark mine:

And YEAH, that guy was creepy. Maybe he was looking for cowpies to burn for heat this winter. You know, economic crisis and all. If that's what I had to do, I'd be sly about it too. Look in the pasture-- if it's strangely tidy, then you may have a suspicious smell lingering over your neighborhood this winter. eew.

Kristen said...

Your neighbor is REALLY creepy. Anybody who would sit outside in 100 degree weather wearing a heavy winter coat is just not right in the head. I hope it scared the crap out of him when the sheriff showed up!