Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, today I flagged down the bus...

Zach is on some medication that helps him to survive his days at school. Okay, let's be honest, it helps the school survive the day with him! This year, I have been so good about getting him his morning meds (and not forgetting).

This morning, I was tired from a night up with Emma (who had an earache), the kids were crazy, and I was trying to get ready to go to Franklin. Of course, Zach doesn't remind me to give him his meds, he could care less. So, I sent him on his way and went on getting ready. 5 minutes after he left, I walked into the kitchen - what do I see? A medicine box on the counter. Enter the mental scream AAARRRRGGGHHH! I didn't have time to go to his school and give him the meds. But, I also knew he wouldn't get far without them. What to do?

It hit me then that his bus comes back by the house on the way back to school. I grabbed his dose and dashed out the door. Standing by the curb, I waited for the bus to come again. When I saw it, I started waving my arms and started to go into the road a bit. (The driver probably thought I was nuts at this point). When she stopped, I said "Are you the bus that picked up my kid this morning?" "Yes." "I forgot his medication, is it okay if I give them to him?" She grinned at me and said it was fine. I dashed up the stairs and boarded the bus. Looking around, no Zach popped up. I had to yell his name (probably his worst nightmare, Mom on the bus!). He came forward and dry swallowed the meds. Whew! Mission accomplished. I saved the school from an unmedicated Zach!

Then, I went on my way and proceeded to barely get Emma to Eagleville School in time for the tardy bell.

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