Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And now....the rest of the story...

Clay went to work yesterday and told them about our experience with the intruder in the field this weekend...they are all a bunch of country boys, and educated him on what the neighbor was almost certainly doing.

Apparently, here in Tennessee, people grow their own pot on other people's land - so they don't get into trouble if it is found (what about the poor folks that have it growing on their land, though?).
People grow it right by a fenceline because it can't be seen - it is not out in the open, so it isn't noticeable. In the summer, when there are weeds and greenery on the fence, it blends right in. But, in the winter, the greenery on the fence turns brown, so the marijuana is easily spotted - people go in and cut their stash back, so that it isn't found.

It makes perfect sense, unfortunately...It also explains why our neighbors had a four million watt light installed on the power line right above our yards - he doesn't have to use a flashlight at all, that darn thing is so bright!

Sooooo - welcome to the neighborhood! We live next door to a very industrious entrepreneur! YIKES!

So, I will close this by saying Paul Harvey's infamous words..."And now, you know....the rest of the story!"


The Peters Family said...

Spray it with roundup. Tell them you're getting rid of the weeds :-)

Stephan educated me on that whole scene when we lived in Fayetteville. I didn't realize how common it was.

Norma said...

Woah - I had no idea! Scary! Hmm... *wonders about nearby fields*

By the way - I obviously found your blog!

Rilla & Derek said...

Awww, man, I thought my explanation was much better!