Monday, February 8, 2010

A History Lesson (according to Emma)...

Tonight, we were getting ready for bed and Emma was chattering, as usual.

"Hey Mom...Did you know that Henry Home Lincoln was our 1st President?"

"No, Emma - George Washington was our first president."

"Mom, but we learned at school that Henry Home Lincoln..." I interjected here..."You mean, Abraham Lincoln?"

"Yeah, Henry Home Lincoln...He was the first president. Then, they shot him in the back. Did you know that they shot him in the back, Mom?" *She said this in an outraged tone of voice.

"Yes, Emma...I know that they shot him in the back."

"Well, Mom...after they shot him in the back, did you know that they put him in a penny?"

History according to Emma...(6 years old and in kindergarten). I think I may need to have a talk with her teacher about the accuracy of the lessons that she is teaching. Either that, or I'd better go and have Emma's hearing tested...again!

You want to be a WHAT when you grow up???

Emma came into the room the other day and said, "Mommy, when I grow up, first I will be a dictionary and then I want to be a ballerina."

"A dictionary? Are you sure, Emma?"

Zach chimed in..."Emma, the word is missionary, not dictionary!" Emma disagreed with him for a few minutes until I told her that he was right.

"Emma, a dictionary is a book - a missionary is what you want to be." She thought for a minute, then said, "Okay...when I grow up, I will be a MISSIONARY and then a ballerina!"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Que Sera

"When I was just a little girl, I asked my mommy, "What shall I be? Shall I be pretty, shall I be rich?" She told me tenderly..."Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will be, will be. The futures not ours to see, Que Sera, Sera. What will be, will be.""

It has been a rough, rough week here. Snow days have been chewing up my weekdays, the days that I can actually get things done around here. My children are bored, and tired of being stuck at home. The sun has gone missing - has anyone else noticed that there has not been much sun lately? It is really difficult to love winter when there is no sun, no flowers to enjoy, no trees with their leaves, and lots of dormant brown grass.

We have been trying new meds for Reagan and he decided to wake me up at 3:50 am - bright and early. He was all set to go to school - not interested in going back to sleep...I had an Excedrin Migraine for breakfast.

Succeeded in getting the kids off to school without any mishaps.

Then, my 11 year old set of laundry utensils (aka the washer and dryer) bit the dust. Well, technically it was the dryer, but the washer is right behind. We were planning on getting a new set with our tax refund (hopefully there is one) but not quite this early. Try hauling 8-10 loads of laundry to the laundry mat to get it done...A BIG, HUGE shout out to my sister, Kristen, who let me do my laundry at her house today...a special place in heaven awaits her...We went and found a new set today at Home Depot - to be delivered next Wednesday, just in time for laundry day again! I am super excited about the prospect of being able to wash and dry ALL of our clothes in one day again! It took 2-3 hours for me to do just ONE load with our old set.

Yesterday, right after the dryer died, the baby started projectile vomiting all over me, the couch, herself, the get the picture. I fed her bananas for breakfast for the first time, apparently her system couldn't handle them. I had tons of clothes, towels and blankets that were covered in this stuff, and I couldn't wash them, because the dryer was kaput. Ironic.

In the meantime, I had two 2 year olds running around my house all day - helping me however they could see fit. Kristen went somewhere with Mom all day, and I took Kade - to keep Alyssa busy and entertained. My day went like this. Baby was throwing up...Alyssa "Oh, you frow up? She frow up. Yucky. Ew. Frow up." I asked (begged, really) them to bring me a burp rag that was on the floor in front of them so that I could get off the couch without more goo hitting the floor. Kade responded by bringing me a dog toy. Gee, Thanks. You shouldn't have! After a few minutes, Alyssa got the idea and brought me the rag - still disgusted with the mess that her baby sister made.

By evening, I was exhausted. I stepped over the childgate that led to our room (put up so the above mentioned 2 year olds couldn't raid my makeup, the toilet paper, and other fun things in our master bedroom). The gate was not put up in a stable manner, and it fell - I fell with it. My elbow is bruised, my knee, my jaw, and some other less mentionable parts. My pride was bruised a bit as well.

I fell asleep on the couch and slept like a baby until 1:30 am - when I woke myself up and toddled off to my comfortable bed.