Monday, January 31, 2011

WHAT??? How old did you say?

Today, I became the mother of a ten year old boy.  It is a bit see - that is double digits.  I have a kid in the double digits!  YIKES!!!  Where did the time go?  He went from a little scrap of a thing to a kid who is only 8 inches (or a little less) shorter than me...

I know, I are saying - "It's not like it is that much of an accomplishment to get that tall, Jennifer!"  I beg to differ, was a great accomplishment for ME to get this there.  (get a mental picture of a tongue sticking out at you now) :)

Anyway - Mr. Zach is an enigma.  He can be nutty and funny one minute and helpful the next...still a little boy - but becoming a young man...I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!

Oh - and I have to tell you about our conversation the other morning...

ME:  "Zach, did you put on deodorant after your bath?"

ZACH:  "No."

ME:  "You are going to be 10 years old tomorrow - you kind of should be putting it on every day...have you been putting it on at all?"

ZACH:  "Oh.  Well, yes - I usually put it on before scouts on Wednesday nights."

I think we are going to have to work on this concept a little bit, don't you???

Anyway - Happy Birthday to our firstborn son...We love you and hope that you survive another year with us...just kidding...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kid Funnies

Today at church, they were talking about the five senses...they had some of the kids pick a sense out of the jar.  Reagan was chosen and he pulled a picture of a nose from the jar...They asked him what we were given our noses for and he never missed a beat..."We wipe it!"

Later on at home, we asked him again what our nose is for...This time he said "We wipe our nose...Oh, and I eat the boogers too."

Tonight at dinner - I asked the kids what we have eyes for.  Emma said, "That's a silly question, we put ice in our drinks!"

The other night, Ashleigh fell off a chair and hit her head (again).   I picked her up and held her.  She was sobbing profusely and looked at me sadly..."I stinky!"  Apparently, the stinkiness was bumming her out more than falling off the chair...something that I can definitely understand because - WHOO - she really did stink!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today's Activities...

Snow day, Snow Day, SNOW Day, SNOW DAY.....AGAIN.

And now, for an unscheduled update on the Turner household.

1.  Mom made Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast...what a cool mom.

2.  Mom turned on the Tangled and Princess and the Frog soundtracks and we all danced around the kitchen...again - what a cool mom.

3.  Mom let kids trash the house with the toys - so that it looked like Christmas morning...again...and didn't make them pick it up until evening...great mom, right?

4.  Mom took kids to lunch at McDonalds - AND let them play in the playplace....what a sucker that mom is.

Out of all of these things, what was their favorite activity of the day???  Well, you see - it is not on this list...They thought it was great fun to build musical instruments out of the breast pump accessories that they found in the cupboard....Mom didn't think that idea was so cool.

And tomorrow - we get to do it all again!  Woot for snow days...NOT!