Monday, January 31, 2011

WHAT??? How old did you say?

Today, I became the mother of a ten year old boy.  It is a bit see - that is double digits.  I have a kid in the double digits!  YIKES!!!  Where did the time go?  He went from a little scrap of a thing to a kid who is only 8 inches (or a little less) shorter than me...

I know, I are saying - "It's not like it is that much of an accomplishment to get that tall, Jennifer!"  I beg to differ, was a great accomplishment for ME to get this there.  (get a mental picture of a tongue sticking out at you now) :)

Anyway - Mr. Zach is an enigma.  He can be nutty and funny one minute and helpful the next...still a little boy - but becoming a young man...I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!

Oh - and I have to tell you about our conversation the other morning...

ME:  "Zach, did you put on deodorant after your bath?"

ZACH:  "No."

ME:  "You are going to be 10 years old tomorrow - you kind of should be putting it on every day...have you been putting it on at all?"

ZACH:  "Oh.  Well, yes - I usually put it on before scouts on Wednesday nights."

I think we are going to have to work on this concept a little bit, don't you???

Anyway - Happy Birthday to our firstborn son...We love you and hope that you survive another year with us...just kidding...


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday to Zach...don't be surprised if I get you deoderant or nose plugs!

Jennifer and Clay said...

You should probably keep the nose plugs for yourself...especially w/3 stinky boys around!

The Peters Family said...

Happy Birthday, Zach!
I remember when I turned 10 (I faked sick so I wouldn't have to go to school that day :)).