Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kid Funnies

Today at church, they were talking about the five senses...they had some of the kids pick a sense out of the jar.  Reagan was chosen and he pulled a picture of a nose from the jar...They asked him what we were given our noses for and he never missed a beat..."We wipe it!"

Later on at home, we asked him again what our nose is for...This time he said "We wipe our nose...Oh, and I eat the boogers too."

Tonight at dinner - I asked the kids what we have eyes for.  Emma said, "That's a silly question, we put ice in our drinks!"

The other night, Ashleigh fell off a chair and hit her head (again).   I picked her up and held her.  She was sobbing profusely and looked at me sadly..."I stinky!"  Apparently, the stinkiness was bumming her out more than falling off the chair...something that I can definitely understand because - WHOO - she really did stink!


Kristen said...

Hahaha! Good stuff.

Lois said...

The best stinky story is the one that Christopher pulled a couple years ago. He opened the door to the Priesthood meeting, Said in a booming voice "Daddy, I here, You need me, I got stinky Butt!"
Thank goodness that time has passed.