Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The House...Projects that will never end...

We have lived here almost three months and I still have so many projects. Starting out, I was gung ho to paint so that I could hang my pictures. Now, I am starting to hang the darn pictures so that I can get rid of boxes. So tired of living out of boxes! The painting will come, and the pictures will go right back up after I do each room, one by one. Sometimes I bite off a bit more than I can chew. Must be the type A personality that seems to run in my family!

Things that I HAVE done so far:

1. Painted laundry room.
2. Painted walls and ceiling of bonus room - hung blinds, organized bonus room.
3. Hung pictures in master bdrm - the paint in this room is okay right now, it can wait for a while.
4. Hung pictures in kitchen - couldn't stand it anymore, even if it does have to be painted.
5. Almost finished with MY part of organizing the garage - the stuff that actually belongs in the house - Clay's part is the garage stuff. Good luck with that happening anytime soon, right?!!?

Things that are REALLY starting to bug me:

1. The orangey (terracotta, really) color in the hallways - this must go soon...Christmas decorations are really going to clash with this one~
2. The living room - really need to paint this before Christmas, too.
3. Bathroom floors - need to re-do these when I can, I hate the vinyl - it looks dirty no matter how much I scrub.
4. Toy organization and purge - we have too search for the perfect toy has been in vain - there isn't one. Kids were made to drive us crazy, that is just the way it is!
5. Finish my part of the garage - this is going to be done pretty soon - I want the van IN the garage when it is cold.

There are many other "projects" that are going to keep us busy until our kids graduate from medical school (not that that is going to happen, so you get the point). The yard is a totally different ballgame - we basically have no bushes/trees/plants at all. I really like foilage in the yard, so that is a project that we are planning on tackling in the spring. Also hoping to put a fence up.

Enough of the ramblings of a crazy insomniac - I'd better get to bed - morning comes early here!


Norma said...

Ha ha ha ... I made a similar list when we moved into the house, guess how many things I have gotten done off that list since we actually moved in?

Norma said...

oh one more thing, if you go to the Nashville Farmers Market (open every day I think - look up their website) There is a vendor - Freedom Tree Farms(check out their website too), that sells decent size trees (and berries) for:

$15 fruit trees (apple, pear, peach)
$20 Ornamental Trees (maples, pines, birches)
$10 berries(blueberries, raspberries, grapes, blackberies, kiwi)

We've already bought 4 times from them and will be buying more. The quality is great! Plus they don't sell their fruit trees until they have produced at least once (or so they told us)