Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Clay!

Yesterday, Clay celebrated his thirty-fourth birthday...(Shhh, don't let him know that I printed that)! We didn't do much yesterday, but tonight - I took him out. We went with Kristen and Chad (Sis & BIL) and Mom and Dad watched all SEVEN kids!!! (enter the bugeyes smiley)

We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner - that is always a great place to go...Then, we went over to MTSU to see Suessical the Musical. Ooops! They don't take cards there, only cash or check (how archaic is that system, anyway?) We decided to leave and find something else to do...

All the movies were lame, and started at 9:45, so that was out...thought about going to get Chad a new suit, but decided to do something a little different. Sooo, we went bowling. Yes, bowling - haven't done that since we were dating a million years ago.

It was actually quite a bit of fun - we all stink, big time - even Chad, who is usually pretty good at sports-like activities...Our final scores were Chad - 87, Me - 80 (this was a total fluke, I was losing big time until the end), Kristen - 75, and poor Clay - 66.

After bowling, we went to Cracker Barrel and got dessert. All in all, a pretty nice night - without kids. Which doesn't happen very often, so we had to make it count!

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Kristen said...

That was nice...I was telling Clay today that it sucks that just as Mom and Dad show a willingness to watch all the kids so we can double date we have to move! Life is never simple. Thanks for the last hoorah!