Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Iron Exploded, and other musings...

We survived the first wave of the plague, now it looks like we will be hit again. It is starting with a bad cough - hoping to get it contained on Monday at the doctors for the twins. They are very sickly, especially this time of the year.

Tonight I was ironing clothes (a very rare occurrence at our house) and just as I finished, sparks came out of the iron cord. YIKES! I screamed and Clay came running. We determined that Mr. Miagi (aka Stupid dog) chewed on the cord and it is now a distant memory! Oh well, I want a better iron anyway, even if we don't use it that much.

Christmas is almost here - it has come very quickly this year. I haven't wrapped a single present (besides the teacher gifts). I really need to get up and do this tonight. I hate wrapping a pile of presents, even though we scaled back this year, 4 kids times 4 gifts is 16. Then, add in spoiled Clay's presents and I have a lot! Don't want to do it, but I must...can't give them the gifts in grocery sacks, just not as magical!

I did finish the baking and gave plates to the neighbors for goodwill and Clay's home teaching families. We hardly ate any of them! This is a good thing...don't need the calories of fudge, gingerbread guys, choc chip cookies, candy cane cookies, peanut butter blossoms, etc. laying around for our consumption!

I still have to get stocking stuffers, which I am totally dreading because it is crazy shopping now. All the last minute shoppers are driving like maniacs to get good parking spots. Add in the rainy weather that we have been experiencing lately, and you have a lethal combination. At least I am done with the main shopping. Oh, note to self: Don't forget to buy a bone and a toy for the darn dog and cat, so they don't look jealous on Christmas. Does anyone else have animals that think they are people?

Hmmm....I am rambling now, probably so I don't have to go wrap the presents, huh? Clay is up - maybe I can intrude upon his generous soul (watching the BYU bowl game right now, so ha ha on that) and use his very limited wrapping skills to my benefit. He can wrap Alyssa's - she doesn't care what they look like anyway- :)

Signing off now...hopefully to go and do what I should have done weeks ago!


Beccarigg said...

Great post! Where do I start?
1) Mr. Miagi is the coolest name for a dog! (even if he chewed through your cord ; )
2) I'm sorry the kids have been so sick! This is a rough time of year for that!
3)grocery sacks not as magical line was cracking me up!
4)My dog thinks he's a human too!
5) Good luck with your wrapping! I'm not a fan of wrapping either which is why we let Grandma buy most of the presents ; )

Kristen said...

Wanna wrap mine too while you're at it? They're hanging out in Chad's office closet upstairs right now...I am not allowing the boys to play hide and seek in our big empty house till they get wrapped...maybe I should be doing that instead of wasting time online.....

Norma said...

I'm in the same boat I haven't wrapped any presents. But then again my kids will probably spot them once they are wrapped!