Saturday, June 20, 2009

M is for.....

Munching on snacks
Motrin - I wish
Marshmallows - to bribe kids with
Meat to have an aversion to
Meals to freeze
Morphing body
Messy kids
Messy husband
Messy dog
Messy house
Messy kids - oh wait - I already said that one...
Mystery things in the fridge that I can't reach
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Missing cradle screws - this one is a big problem
More painting to finish the darn armoire so that Ashleigh's clothes can be washed - another big problem...
Monumental sized stomach that makes it impossible for this short mama to reach into the plate cupboard
More high 95+ degree heat to keep the kids, dog, hubby, and me from going outside to actually enjoy the next few weeks...
Minor contractions that won't amount to anything - just like the last 2 pregnancies

Oh, and did I mention how MISERABLE I am????

Yes - I guess I am complaining, but in good spirits - not ready to do myself in or anything - just very tired...if it wasn't so darn hot, I'd be all good...

3 1/2 more weeks - I can do this - hopefully, some of these last minute issues will be taken care of this week...

Goals for this week:

Finish painting armoire so that Ashleigh's clothes can be washed
Finish packing hospital bag - I actually started this today, so not such a big task
Track down missing screws for cradle - and call the company that won't return my emails
Order twin stroller
Persevere until the end...I can do this!


The Peters Family said...

Great post!
This is funny!

Beccarigg said...

I totally feel your pain! I was exactly in your shoes 1 year ago. being 9 months pregnant in the hot Tennessee summer is no fun. I was sooo done with it that last 4 weeks. Hang in there though, the prize at the end is totally worth it! ; )