Saturday, November 29, 2008

Responding to a "tag"...

Well, Rilla tagged me to post pictures that aren't "all that" and wouldn't make it in my blog otherwise...I have a ton, I'm sure. But, I'll just post a few! I will also tag Kristen, Becky, and Norma to do the same, if you dare!

Poor Alyssa got a bit of a butt shot here!

Zach looks a little bit drunk! He was really sick last Christmas and had a high fever - this is our only pic of him smiling - it looks like it hurts to even smile, doesn't it?

Alyssa fell asleep in her Bumbo, wedged against her activity tray. OUCH!
Zach clocked Emma in the head and gave her a bad bruise - we recorded it for posterity!
Reagan just didn't want to have his pic taken that day!
My hair was too short in this one, sideways stripes are just wrong, and I hadn't lost all my baby weight yet...Nuff said!!!


The Peters Family said...

Very nice.
I need to dig through to find some. Usually they get deleted off my camera before they make it to the computer, but there are always those few that are like...where'd that come from?!

Norma said...

Doh, I got tagged! I'll have to go look for some. I actually really like your last picture, I think it looks cute and you have a great smile in it!

Rilla & Derek said...

Heeeheee! You're such a good sport! I love these... they're precious.