Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A sort of diagnosis...

Emma came home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon. She is still feeling pretty puny, not eating much, etc. but doing okay. Today we went to her already scheduled GI specialist visit. The doctor thinks that she has a condition called "Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome". This is a condition where kids just get sick for no apparent reason several times a month. It can take hours or days to improve. She has prescribed some medication to help us hold it off when we see the first signs of it coming. We are also having an ultrasound on her abdomen on Monday, just to rule out any other abnormalities.

Hmmm...Another day, another challenge! Oh well, at least Alyssa is pretty healthy...One out of four!

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Rilla & Derek said...

Oh my goodness, this must have been so scary for you. I'm glad the diagnosis is good so far-- Keeping my fingers crossed that the ultrasound is normal. No fun to have sick kids.