Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who's Buddy are you???

On Sunday night, we had a little get together for Zach's birthday (to come in another blog)...My Dad was sitting at the table talking to Reagan, they were eating cupcakes together.

A few minutes after starting the cupcakes, Reagan gave Dad his, because he decided he didn't want it. Dad said, "Oh, you're my buddy, aren't you?"

Reagan replied, in all seriousness, "No, I my daddy's buddy. He's my best friend."

It was so spontaneous and out of the blue...he is verbal, but it is really hard to understand him because of his speech problems. It almost made me cry, though - not hard these days since I am hormonal and pregnant - Hallmark commercials make me cry!

It is nice to know that even a little autistic boy knows the role his daddy plays in his life!

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The Peters Family said...

I LOVE HIM! He's a doll.

Also, this was really cute: last sunday Emma and Paige (Rose) held hands throughout the entire sharing time. Cute.