Monday, January 26, 2009

Only a Flesh Wound?

Clumsy me...I had a headache yesterday morning, was thinking about staying home from I wish I had!

Got the headache to the point where I knew I could at least handle 1 meeting - so off we went.

During Sunday School, I walked outside to talk to my mom. Got dizzy on the sidewalk (headache had come back, I was thinking about going home). Lost my balance, started to fall and could not recover. I ended up landing on my FACE. Going down, I was thinking how bad it was going to be. When I hit, I was thinking to myself that I hadn't expected to pretty much take the fall with my face. Then, I wondered if there was anyone there to help me up...Just as quickly, I thought to myself how glad there weren't any witnesses!

I dragged myself from the sidewalk and limped to mom's car. She was asleep with the seat back, I knocked on the window and she looked up to a bloody, horror...She actually moved pretty quickly for just being startled. Grabbed a handkerchief and led me inside to the bathroom...we were stopped by Becky P. (a nurse, how convenient, huh?) and they tried to clean up the blood. I could tell by the looks on people's faces how bad it probably was...Let's just say, the mirror is not my friend right now! The pain is pretty intense - the swelling, hideous. I don't know how my lip is going to come back from this!

Needless to say, we gathered the kids together and went home...the kids were horrified. Emma tried to take me by the hand this morning to show her teacher...Humiliation galore! People look at me like I am a freak...I actually look like a domestic violence victim, but I have witnesses at church who saw me looking fine one minute, then not so good the next, so I think Clay is safe!

We called the doctor and he said that the baby is pretty well protected at this point - thank goodness I am not further along in the pregnancy. We have checked the heartbeat a few times and it is strong and seems fine.

The worst thing is, I have a really busy workload tonight and I have to go close 4 loans...hmmm...maybe I should go to Party City and buy a mask?

To complete my utter humiliation, I have inserted a picture for your viewing...only people with strong stomachs should look!


Kristen said...

Holy Cow! I feel for you, my nose and lip swelled up like that after the accident I was in ten years ago...just keep icing it and hopefully some of the swelling will go down today.

Beccarigg said...

Oh my gosh that's awful! I'm so sorry that happened to you! At least you can make up a cool story now about how you got in a fight with ninja's or something when you go to close on those loans. : )

Kristi said...

Oh my heck. That's a terrible one. I agree that you need to make up some cool story about it!

The Peters Family said...

So sorry that happened to you. Glad I could try to help. I knew your lip was very swollen, but in the pic it looks even more swollen than I remember (not to try to make you feel better or anything!).

So relieved the heartbeat is present!

gretchen said...

oh gosh...I missed all the action. I saw on facebook you mention the accident. I can't believe it. Were you hungry or just dizzy from being preg. Oh and..
congrats. on the baby too. I didn't know till I read your blog! I am so excited for you brave people!

Rilla & Derek said...

OooooOOO hooonnneeeeyy. This is just one sad picture. Kristi's right. Let's make up a good story. Like we did about the guy growing dope in the field across the street from your house: You saw him again in the field adjacent to the church, and not skipping a beat, went out to accost him. Yeah, you got roughed up pretty bad, but just wait till the local paper posts a photo of HIM! He was meh-HEH-ssed up, and now that he's behind bars, that weenie little drug dealer's face is going to be rearranged daily by his new roommates.

Nashville's newest hero, y'all.