Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where does your dog sleep???

Emma was talking to Clay on the way home from school today....

Emma: "Dad, turn the music off - I need to talk to you."

Radio goes off.

Emma: "Dad. In the movie, 'Bolt', Penny sleeps with the dog on her bed."

Clay: "Yes."

Emma: "That's just silly, Dad. Dogs don't sleep on the bed, they sleep in the laundry room!"

That's our "logical" Emma for you! By the way, if you haven't seen the movie - it is pretty cute!


The Peters Family said...

funny! We bought that movie too.
Our dog sleeps on our bed, under the covers EVERY night and most naps.
Your dog is very cute.

Kristen said...

Nice! I especially love Mr. Miagi's crazy glowing eyes in the picture!

Norma said...

ha ha, one of my dogs sleeps in the laundry room too. The other one sleeps on whatever patch of floor he picks for the night.

LauraB said...

Both our dogs are girls and think that they have some snowballs chance of being the Alpha Female ... do they really understand what they are dealing with. However, they sleep with Jimmy, wrapped around his legs. I, therefore, get a wonderful night's sleep.