Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blueberries Everywhere!!!

Well, after reading Becky's blog recently, I started to get a hankering for some fresh blueberries. We have been trying to spend some fun time with the kids before the baby comes next week, so I researched where the blueberry patch was located and the hours, and we decided to make an outing!

At 8:30 am, we piled into the car and turned up the Neil Sedaka cd...Emma was especially excited, because she had recently seen an episode of Special Agent Oso where they picked blueberries.

We arrived at the patch and were all given buckets. We wandered down the rows, and explained which berries to pick and which to leave. Reagan really got into it - he was an awesome little blueberry picker! He took the job very seriously...the others thought it was fun, but he didn't want to stop! Once he looked at me and said "I make a blueberry pie!" Then he started asking for blueberry waffles and pancakes...My work is cut out for me for the next few days! Emma put orders in for muffins - Zach doesn't really care, he just wants some good stuff!

Alyssa was pretty funny, she kept picking the unripe berries and throwing them into everyone's buckets. They would get upset with her "Mom, Alyssa put ANOTHER yellow one in my bucket! Alyssa - stop that!" She had a blast!

After we picked over 5 lbs of berries, we let them play on the playground that was on the premises. They had a ball - ran lots of energy out and we watched...

Since this is the last Saturday before the baby, we had a lot of errands to run today - but I am very glad we took the time to enjoy ourselves too!


The Peters Family said...

Good for you all to go. I love that the place is family friendly. Anna loved the playground too!

lisapenn said...

That place is awesome. We love bluberry everything too!