Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A week ago....

A week ago, we were waiting to meet this little angel. We wondered if she would be blond, bald, and how big she would be? How would we feel when we saw her? How would the c-section go?

It has already been a week and we are all completely in love. She has a full head of dark hair - something we didn't expect...her temperament is perfect. All of the kids, except Alyssa (who is having a hard time understanding, but still adores her) have been great. They are excited right along with us about the most mundane, precious things that she does. Our home is truly blessed by this little spirit who was meant to come directly to live with us.

The surgery went okay...we had a major problem getting the spinal in - it took them 4 tries - during which I almost begged them to just put me out. I have a huge bruise from the 16 shots (4 each try) that it took. Not a good way to start off! The surgery itself went well - normal c-section stuff...they pulled her out and she was so quiet compared to Alyssa! Alyssa came out and was like a siren...Ashleigh was quieter, more dignified, I guess!

Clay got to cut the cord this time - the only time he has been able to do it - he thought that was pretty cool...I was a little surprised he went for it - but glad. When he brought her around to see me, he whispered, "Look, she has lots of dark hair!" I was so excited...years ago, when we were first married, I had a dream about a little dark haired girl jumping on our bed. Every time we have had a child, we have thought it would be that little girl...I had given up hope and figured that she wasn't really supposed to be ours - but she finally came to us! Clay knew about this and was tickled to death to be the one to tell me.

The hospital stay went pretty well - pain control was better than the last time, but I was still in quite a bit - we figured out why a few days later. I kept her in my room most of the time - dressed her up in little onesies and sleepers and had a ball with her. She is quite a good little companion! I would go on the laptop and she would fall asleep in a little cocoon on the bed with me...the perfect little buddy! She also learned quickly that I was the one to look for when she was hungry! Amazing how quickly that happens!

There was a drawback - I was supposed to go home on Saturday morning, was all ready and excited to go - but they found that I have an infection in the skin above my c-section incision called cellulitis. It is pretty painful, which is why I was in more pain at this point than expected. I was pretty sad about it - ready to go home and the kids were depressed. I had Clay make the most of it though, he took them to the park and McDonald's, they had a good time and it took their minds off of it.

On Sunday afternoon, I was able to come home after 24 hours on the IV antibiotics. It is still pretty painful, and with the swollen skin, I resemble the female wooly mammoth on Ice Age. I know, not very flattering, but that is how I feel right now. It is amazing how much better the belly looks stretched out with a baby inside! You won't be seeing pics of this phenomenon, by the way!

All is going pretty well at home, except Zach did sprain his ankle badly last night and is in a removable cast and on crutches...let's just say it slows him down a bit! ;o)

Clay is home with us - thank goodness - for this week...don't know what I would do without him.

We will update you later!


The Peters Family said...

Love the update! Great story about the dark hair...very cool.
She's beautiful!

lisapenn said...

It's amazing how quickly they change looks even in just one week. She is SO beautiful. Can't wait to meet her.

Beccarigg said...

I think a C-Section would be bad enough on it's own without having to deal with an infection! So sorry to hear about that! Your baby is beautiful though and what a neat story about her dark hair!

Petit Debutant said...

Love the story of your little dark haired girl dream. When I was pregnant with Elena we were in the temple and James told me it would be a little girl with brown hair (lighter than mine and that she would be taller than me) - this was before we had the ultrasound. I never doubted that it wouldn't be a girl!

Petit Debutant said...

sorry, that's me! Norma