Monday, March 8, 2010

What do racism, filth, and baby goats have in common?

Apparently, I am a common denominator in all of these things.

Wow. There some places that I visit that inspire me to come home and clean my own house. And BOIL myself. And my briefcase. And my eyeballs. When I put my papers down and BUGS run across them, that is not a good sign. This one ranked right up there with the people that let baby goats live in the house for the winter. That one was pretty bad, too. Nuff said. Wow.It was also an interesting thing that when I said "Hello" to the husband, he ignored me. When the wife told him to acknowledge me, he said that he didn't talk to "them white people", didn't like them either...


There aren't many people out there who are whiter (or shorter for that matter) than little 'ol ME.

I think it may be time to replace my expired pepper spray.

I find it very interesting as well that my instincts told me in advance that I DID NOT want to go to this home. I tried everything, even waiting at Wal-Mart for her to show up, but apparently her car wouldn't start.

Thank goodness for Purell.


lisapenn said...

WOW! What do you do?! Very interesting day!

Kristen said...

Again, I am so happy you made it out alive! Who would I complain about my junk to if something happened to you?

The Peters Family said...

What were you doing?!?

Jennifer and Clay said...

I was closing an annuity at someone's house - I am a notary and notarize documents/sign loans for people.