Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Velociraptor

Do you remember the movie, Jurassic Park? And the dinosaurs that were prominently featured, the Velociraptors?

Well, if you remember - the Velociraptors were mean, angry dinosaurs. They were bipedal (travel on 2 feet) and primarily meat eaters, they also jumped on top of anything and everything and were very, very destructive.

I have a dirty little secret.

There is a Velociraptor that lives at my house.

No, they are not completely extinct yet...though, I am hoping that soon (very soon) this little blond dinosaur will be replaced with a sweet little angel.

One can only hope, right?

The funny thing is, you wouldn't know she was such a terror by looking at her.

She is Fearless.


Kristen said...

I wouldn't believe you if I didn't spend so much time with her and see it for myself! She looks angelic in most of her pictures...except maybe the one where she is stuck between the wall and the bed...THAT was a funny day!

lisapenn said...

Not Alyssa! How could something that cute be so much trouble? Oh wait, I have one too. Now I understand!