Friday, July 15, 2011

Where does the time go??? 2 years already!

Blueberry Picking

Our sweet Ashleigh is two today...actually, in about an hour, it will be official.

Amazing how the time baby is growing up so fast!
We haven't done any of the birthday festivities yet, those will get their own posts...this post is to celebrate Miss Ashleigh Kate and how much we love her!

Today at breakfast - such a cheesy girl!
This little girl is so loving, independent, smart and fun...we pretty much adore her most of the time...and hope it doesn't change much now that she is 2!

Happy Birthday little Miss Ashleigh!  

You bring a smile to even the grumpiest faces!  (This we proved this week at the ENT, when she walked down the hall, even the grouchy nurses had to look and grin at her!)

Oh - and if you scroll down a bit, you will see our blueberry picking adventure...


Beccarigg said...

Happy Birthday little cutie pie! That smile DOES brighten up the grumpiest faces I'm sure! It definitely lights up my computer screen! What a sweetheart!

Kristen said...

She is such a little sweetheart! Seeing these pictures of her just makes me want to give her a squeeze! Happy Birthday Ashleigh!

The Peters Family said...

Everytime I see her she's such a good little girl...she can set the good example for Katie ;)
I wish I had a backyard like the blueberry patch too.