Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Day of School - Times Two...

So, everyone knows that school has already been going for a little while here in good old Tennessee, right?  Yes, I know...I am a bit of a late bloomer in the blogging world - but, here are the kiddos on their first day this year!

We actually had TWO first days of school.  One for the three older kids (Zach, Reagan, and Emma) and a second one for Miss Alyssa!  And it was extra special for the little miss, because it was her 1st day of school EVER!  Where has the time gone...Okay, I know that she is only four (almost), but she is going to pre-k, which is 5 days a week and 6 hours a day.  May not be kindergarten yet, but that is full fledged school in my book...
Aren't they cute? My Big Kids...
Zach, Reagan and Emma are continuing their education at Christiana Elementary School...Z is in the 5th grade (Gulp...middle school starts next year - and he is already wearing deodorant) R and E are both in the 2nd grade...CRAZY to think about since they started out so little and it seems like only yesterday when they were in the special care nursery and couldn't come home until they were almost 5 lbs.

Alyssa - 1st day of pre-k

Alyssa goes to Pre-K at Eagleville School, which we absolutely love - but totally hate the 14 mile drive each way.  She has the same teacher as Emma did 3 years ago - and this teacher is wonderful.  We expect to see Alyssa grow and develop so much in this next year - and are very excited to see what she learns!  So far, she seems to love it, but is a little grumpy when she comes home because the day is a little bit long for such a young scholar.
She wouldn't smile until Emma jumped in the picture!
And, where does that leave our little Ashleigh?  LOST.  She doesn't know what to do with herself.  Every bus she sees MUST have one of her siblings on it.  The other day, I heard her talking to herself in the car...

"Where Emma?" - she answered herself sadly, "At School."

My little sidekick!
"Where Yissa?"...another woebegone, "At School."
She proceeded to do this until everyone was named...she even included Clay and answered that he was "at work"!  A little pathetic, don't you think?  However, she is enjoying the extra cuddles with Mom at naptime and all the attention to herself when we run errands, etc.
Best buddies - when they aren't trying to kill each other

I am excited for this year - and a little sad that almost all of my kiddos are old enough to leave me!  This school year is bound to be chock full of fun anecdotes and happenings, so - STAY TUNED!!!


Jen said...

I remember having similar thoughts about my oldest when he entered 5th grade. Now next year he will be a senior. *sigh*. If you ever need us to pick up Alyssa because you can't get out there, let us know.

The Peters Family said...

That's so cute how she answered her own questions. Ashleigh is a very smart girl. I would love to have her all day long.

Lois said...

I know I looked dah when I saw you the other day at pick up time. lol
Christopher loves Eagleville, I think it is to be able to say Eagleville.
Jen and Don pick up Christopher when I cant get there on time. The first 2 days "that man took me to his house!"
The drive to Eagleville is sooooo long but have a break stopping at Rockvale for Savannah in the morning and after picking up CLR in the afternoon.