Sunday, January 29, 2012

A letter to my children...

Dear Children,

There are a few things that have been going on at our house lately that make me crazy...and laugh like a loon...Someday, when you read this, I'm sure you won't remember any of it...documenting for posterity's sake.

To my #1 hoarder...we cleaned your room again today for the 3rd time this month.  This time, we went through all the drawers and refolded the clothes.  There ARE better ways to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon, son!  Please refrain from saving every empty wrapper, baggie from your snack, tag from your new clothes, etc.  Those shows that we have had you watch are REAL!  Love you tons....hope next month goes better!

Dear, sweet/funny/exasperating child...Your new habit of putting plastic baggies over your head is really freaking us out!  We've locked all of the big ones up now so that you won't suffocate yourself.  I know you watched that space movie last week, and are just trying to recreate helmets (very creative, by the way) but it is giving ME grey hair...I think, under all my roots...Oh, and it is also not acceptable to put plastic bags over your stuffed animals' heads.  They need air to breathe, too...Just ask Woody from Toy Story!

To my Contrary Princess...Rolling your eyes and stomping around whenever I ask you to do something is NOT working for me.  For crying out loud, you are 8, not 13...put on your big girl panties and deal with it!  Trust me, things will only get better from here! ;)  Oh, and word to the wise...if you help more and complain less, I will like you a lot more and will do more fun things with it??? Good.

To Queen picky...Where do I even begin?  Asking for a snack before dinner is over is not in your best interest...Your fascinating display this evening of spreading salad dressing on all of your lettuce leaves, then sucking it off was really special...Thanks for that!  Anyway, if you don't start eating something besides fruit and chicken nuggets soon, I'm not sure if you will be the fairest in the land...girl gotta have some nutrition to be beautiful!

To Princess Sweet Pea...While you are showing the signs of independence, I love that you still want to "hold" me when you go to sleep at night...You have issues of your own, but watching you discover the world is a beautiful thing...Oh, and last night when you wouldn't let me go potty because I was holding you, and 5 minutes later asked me if I had "peed in my pants", I realized that you are definitely related to all the rest of my little hellions!

Love you all - hope this week brings about some progress and some new/exciting/not so dangerous issues...